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Post: แทงบอล99 basic football betting terms

แทงบอล99 basic football betting terms

แทงบอล99 HT HALF TIME – Part time

However, only 45 minutes count, or as it is called in football jargon, the first half. Such bets are suitable for players who enjoy football betting as a part time job. I hate long wins. Play short games. Enough already

แทงบอล99 FULL TIME FT – full time

This is also a timeframe but FT will be a full game to 1 game equal to 90 minutes with players choosing to bet on a specific team they believe will win.

แทงบอล99 ODD/Even O/D – Odd Even

This is the selection of bets by adding the sum of the results of the two groups of races or in short the combined results of the two groups to choose whether to bet on odd or even which will be known by the result of the bet during the race. more. Then, for example, a player decides to bet on an even number. and bring the overall result. The sum of the other 2 groups is 2 – 2. This means that the sum is 4. Predicting an even number is the same as winning.


Players must decide whether to bet on high or low football. Where the results of losing, winning bets are viewed backwards. Where did the ball score go at the end of the tournament? For example, if the player decides to place a high bet of 0.5, it means that the selected team must score 2 more goals to win the bet.


This is betting on the group that is playing when they bet. or what the champion of Thai football often calls it is live football betting

MONEY LINE – ML Moneyline

This is a type of soccer bet where the match result bet is predicted to be 1*2, meaning 1 = draw, 2 = the away team wins, that’s all


Is a selection of previous football bets, you can choose to bet on the group that will start today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow

TOTAL GOAL – TG bets on the total number of goals

It is the player who decides to bet on the total score of the game. Luckily too, the bet met the bet. It pays out quite well because the player’s chances of betting correctly are quite tough. However, if the positive result does not exactly match the bet, he loses all the money wagered

FIRST GOAL / LAST GOAL – FG / LG First goal, last goal

It is an option to bet on the group result to score the first goal or the last goal. first goal = first goal last goal = last goal no goal = will not score at all. Players refer to this form of betting as the team’s stab to score the first goal – the back door.


It is a choice of step bet or accumulator bet with the option to bet 03 pairs or more, which is the most popular form of football bet among online football bettors, with changing and doubling water bills. The number continues to grow depending on the number of bands playing. However, there is one condition that each team being stabbed must be correct. Because if it’s not just a game, you don’t get the money you bet.